September 30.    Many preachers like to begin a homily with the words, “God is good,” and the people will respond, “All the time.” But listening to the various prophets one wonders if it does feel like that all the time, or are there prophets of doom and prophets of hope.  Amos could almost be seen as a prophet of both, calling for righteous action in troubled times and spelling out the image of hope for the future. The Season of Creation theme for 2023, a message of hope, is “Let peace and justice flow like a mighty river.” from Prophet Amos 5:24. In his message for September 1 Pope Francis wrote, “the evocative image by Amos speaks to us of what God desires. God wants justice to reign, it is as essential to our life as God’s children made in his likeness, as water is essential for our physical survival. This justice must flow forth wherever it is needed, neither remaining hidden deep beneath the ground nor vanishing like water that evaporates before it can bring sustenance.

Reflect, share, act. Scripture:  The prophet Zechariah wrote, “ I saw a man with a measuring line. Then I said, “Where are you going?”  And he said “to measure Jerusalem.”  “It shall be inhabited as villages without walls.  I will be to her a wall of fire round about and I will be the glory within her,” says the Lord.  “Sing and rejoice, o daughter of Zion, for behold I come and I will dwell in the midst of you” says the Lord.  Eco-tip and prayer: At this point in the Season of Creation it can be helpful to look forward in hope to  positive outcomes of the present dilemma of climate change and take whatever action is possible to bring this about with a special focus on fire and water.  Pray:  Glory be to the Father. ….