August 28.  Praying for.  That parents have unique relationships with their children was accepted by everyone in the group. Lucia shared,  “I think that mothers never stop worrying about their children, their daughters or their sons.  The widows in our parish have formed a support group and named St Monica as their patron. Why?   She was a mother who never stopped praying for her son to change his bad ways.  Her prayers were answered as her son Augustine eventually became a great teacher and one of the first African saints.  We don’t all have badly behaving children, but without fathers in their lives they are sometimes more inclined to go off the rails.  Fr George even said that when he visited the jail he was shocked to find a few of his altar servers now serving time –  in a very different way. “ 

Reflect, share, act. Scripture “She bore me in the arms of her prayer that you might say to the son of the widow: I command you – arise.   St Augustine. Confessions 6:2   Pope Francis. I would like to express my particular gratitude to all those others who continue to pray, like Saint Monica, for their children who have strayed from Christ. AL 288.