May 20.  Asking.   May had been a parenting month for parents and for their children.  They had talked about many things, spiritual and worldly too.  As they were coming nearer to the end Joseph and Jocelyn suggested that they all spend some time considering what would be the greatest gift they could ask for from God, individually and as a family.

 Reflect, share, act. Scripture.    Truly, truly I say to you,if you ask anything of the Father he will give it to you in my name. ask and receive that your joy may be full.” John 16:23-38. Pope Francis:  “I would like to ask you, dear families, do you pray together from time to time as a family?  Some of you do, but so many people say to me: But how?”  As the tax collector does, it is clear: humbly before God.   Each one with humility allowing themselves to be gazed upon by the Lord and imploring his goodness, that he may visit us.  Homily for Family Day October 2013.                                                  Christian Unity Week. Pray for Covenant Churches.