April 18. Jason had a turn to lead the sharing. “Be honest everyone, “he said ”are you all prepared to not only share your things within our family but for us to sell what we have and be prepared to share with everyone in the whole world.  Isn’t that pretty excessive?  I think it is.”  It was a very big challenge for all of them to consider.  “I don’t think that even Pope Francis expects us to go that far, but I know and believe that there are still people like the missionaries and other religious who have given up all their possessions.” “But they don’t have kids to send to school.”  So they threw the idea around.  “It is being of one heart and soul that means feeling for one another that is important and not letting other people go hungry. What about the beggars on the street corners?”  “That would be a start for us at least,” was the conclusion. “Let’s also look at a current reality. There is the horrific war in Ukraine and the millions of people dispossessed and becoming refugees has highlighted the horrors of war but also how incredibly hospitable and generous people can be when a serious need arises. Natural disasters, earthquakes and cyclones call on us too to be hospitable and generous.”

Scripture The company of those who believed were of one heart and soul and no one said that any of the things which he possessed was his own, but they had everything in common.  There was not any one needy among them.  Acts 4:32, 34. Pope Francis.  Led by the spirit the family circle is not only open to life by generating it within itself, but also by going forth and spreading life by caring for others and seeking their happiness.  Some find particular expression in hospitality.   AL 324. Reflect, share and act.