June 25.   Janet shared with her class-mates, “Although disease is common at any time and many people die each year, even from flu, since the beginning of 2020 the focus all over the world has been on COVID-19.  It really is a dangerous new virus that had spread so fast that within 18 months it had affected more than 180 million across the world and caused over 10 million deaths.  Greater numbers proportionally have died in earlier pandemics in the world but scientific knowledge in our era is more advanced and was able to contain the fatality rate to a certain extent.  In earlier times, I’m sure, there had been greater resort to prayer and God’s intercession while in our age we rely much more on medical science than before. But in a way don’t you think that medical science is still God’s gift and an answer to our prayers?  We really should not forget God especially as now we are coming to rely on vaccines. “  

When Jesus came down from the mountain great crowds followed him and behold a leper came to him and said, Lord if you will, you can make me clean.” Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him saying, “I will, be clean.”  Matt 8:1-4. 

Pope Francis: Ecology studies the relationship between living organisms and the environment in which they develop.  This necessarily entails reflection and debate about the conditions required for the life and survival of society and the honesty needed to question certain models of development, production and consumption.  LS138