January 19. At a meeting of religious superiors Sr Malachy shared her concern about the behaviour of some members of her religious congregation. Others, men and women, echoed her concern. They acknowledged that there was not always faithfulness to their vows. “It is the same in marriage we well know, but that is no excuse for us. Surely we are called to be examples to one another, the families we care for and model the care for all of creation.”  “Care of creation is almost like a new addition that is very helpful for us as religious. In fact I am finding it exciting to see how much of “creation theology” is actually old and was valued even by our founders.”    

Scripture.  A vow is a vow before God.  I am bound by the vows I have made you, O God, I will offer you praise.  From Psalm 56:13.  

Pope Francis. Virginity is a form of love.  As a sign it speaks to us of the coming of the Kingdom and the need for complete devotion to the cause of the Gospel.   AL 159