January 23.  Naomi wanted to start working full time, Peter, her husband,  wanted her at home for the kids. John wanted to go to boarding school to get out of the house and the twins hid in their room every time this argument started,  hoping the problem would just go away.  They would look at the picture their teacher had given them of St Mother Theresa with the words, “Peace on earth begins at home” and pray.  Everyone knew that behind the argument was selfishness but God’s mercy finally helped them to be able to sit down together and discuss their family situation rationally.

Scripture.   If a house is divided against itself that house will not be able to stand.  Mark 3:22-30. Pope Francis.   Unity is greater than conflict.  All of us know that when we as individuals and communities learn to look beyond ourselves and our particular interests then understanding and mutual commitment bear fruit. FT 245. Reflect, share, act, pray.