November 20th  Christ the King.  On this last Sunday of the year Fr Pius took some extra time to address everyone present. “I have been with you throughout this year and heard many of your confessions and stories. All of us have probably had suffering of some kind during the course of this year. Maybe some have lost a friend, a special possession, a pet, or more seriously a family member through sickness and death, or suicide, Covid or cancer, others through an accident, or divorce.  Some of us have lost jobs, friends, maybe a home.  How did we deal with the loss? Did we grieve? Were we able to look at the suffering face of Jesus and take our pain to the Father in prayer, asking for his merciful love and healing? It may have happened or not. It may take more time.  If there was guilt on our part we may have a need to ask for forgiveness from God or one another.  Such is the experience and practice of mercy.  It is my hope and prayer that our understanding of mercy will grow stronger in the years ahead.”

Scripture: The rulers scoffed at Jesus, saying, “He saved others, let him save himself, if he is the Christ of God.” Luke 23: 35-4  Pope Francis:   The New Testament does not only tell us of the earthly Jesus and his tangible and loving relationship with the world.   It also shows him risen and glorious, present throughout creation by his universal lordship. We direct our gaze to the end of time when the Son will deliver all things to the Father and God may be everything to every one.  LS 100