June 16.  Youth Day SA.   The catechist posed a very difficult question to the young people.  “This day is a holiday in South Africa, nearly 50 years after the events in Soweto in 1976 when young people took over from their parents and stood up for their rights, in a struggle against an unjust educational system.   The relationship between youth and parents is often a difficult one, with both willing to do what is best but not always seeing eye to eye.  Sex is a big issue in the lives of many young people. Their parents and educators do teach them right and wrong, but many nevertheless  believe they have the freedom and right to choose  and are often irresponsible about the possible consequences of unprotected sex. This is taking the words of Jesus in today’s gospel further into our present-day context.

Reflect, share, act. Scripture:.   Jesus said, “ I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”  How does this really apply to young people?  Is lust a sin against God’s invitation to chastity and even modesty?  Pope Francis. “ Sex education can only be seen within the broader framework of an education for love, for mutual self-giving. it is not helpful to overwhelm young people with data without also helping them to develop a critical sense in dealing with the onslaught of new ideas, the flood of pornography and the overload of stimuli that can deform sexuality.  AL 280-1