October 20.   Mercia was shocked when she read the gospel of the day where Jesus said he had come to cause division within families.  “What could he have meant,” she asked the confirmation catechist. “It can be confusing,” was the answer, “but think in terms of differences in understanding.  Fire is a force, is does destroy but also burns away rubbish and was seen as the presence of God by the Jews. Truth too is an inner fire.  Honesty, integrity and justice in following Jesus first or all are essential forces for entry into the Kingdom. That is the way of being missionaries even in our families.  

Scripture:   I have not come to give peace on earth, but rather division.  In one household they will be divided, father against son, mother against daughter, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law. Luke 12:49-53. Pope Francis:  Christ’s words do not encourage us to seek conflict, but simply to endure it when it inevitably comes, lest deference to others, for the sake of supposed peace in our families or society, should detract from our own fidelity.   FT 240