June 27.   The Biblical students in the group explained how the prophets were always sent by God to speak to the people at a particular time.  Brendan told them “Studying “the signs of the times” is still a common understanding in working for justice in society.  Amos is one of the prophets called to speak on justice. “He was called to warn the people that some transgressions of abusing the poor and living immoral lives would not be excused. God’s punishment would be stronger and swifter than man’s. Looking at the way of the world today makes one wonder if God will punish our generation too.  He has certainly seen much evil in our day, abuse of the poor and immorality leading to violence too.  What can we do except to be the best examples where we can.”

Reflect, share and act. Scripture.  Thus says the Lord, “I will not revoke the punishment because they sell the righteous for silver. Behold I will press you down in your place.  Flight will perish from the swift and the strong shall not retain his strength., Amos 2:6-16. Pope Francis:  Unless we recover the shared passion to create a community of belonging and solidarity worthy of our time, our energy and our resources, the global illusion that misled us will collapse and leave many in the grip of anguish and emptiness.   The notion of “every person for himself” will rapidly degenerate into a free-for-all that would prove worse than any pandemic.  FT36