June 4. Beyond the familiar routes of separation to God’s new paths: Matt 2:12 “They left for their own country by another road.” Reflect, share, act.   We do not know what the wise men thought – they who were experts in astronomy and navigation – when they were warned to return by another road. They may have been very confused, but the same light that illumined their journey showed them that there was another road, another possibility. They were called to change direction. We often find ourselves bound by our familiar ways of doing things and of seeing the world. When these ways or ‘roads’ are closed, we wonder how to proceed and continue the journey. God’s divine providence is always there to show us that there is another way prepared for us. God is there to renew His covenant and lift us up from the frustration we experience when we meet an obstacle. We only have to trust that the everlasting One who gave us the light, can always find a way forward when our ways and paths are blocked. A fresh start is always possible when we are willing and open to the work of the Spirit. As churches we look to the past and find illumination. We look to the future in search of new ways, so that we can continue to shine the light of the Gospel with renewed fervour, and welcome each other as Christ welcomed us for the glory of God. On the old familiar roads Christian communities have walked apart from one another. On the new roads to which God calls us, Christians walk together and become pilgrim companions. Finding these new roads demands discernment, humility and courage. Now is the time for conversion and reconciliation. 

Pope Francis:   In the family we can rethink our habits of consumption and join in caring for the environment as our common home. AL277.    Pope Francis:  Pray the Prayer for Christian Unity.  Pray for Orthodox Churches