• Is the spirit in our family a holy spirit?       Is the Holy Spirit a family spirit?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit to me and what does this Spirit mean to me in my life?  

The Church teaches us that :

  • The Holy Spirit is the one who gives life and who teaches Christian values.
  • It is through His working in us that we are able to be spiritual. The real meaning of the word spiritual is to be in touch with the spirit in ourselves and also to be in touch with God. This involves prayer but is not only praying.  
  • A spirituality of marriage recognises God present in the everyday activities of married life, caring for and ministering to each other, praying as well as making love.
  • A spirituality of family life recognises God present in the everyday activities of family life, caring for children and elderly parents. God is present in all family members in all their activities at work, school, play and prayer. 

How does the Holy Spirit work?  What does he do?

He gives life to us and enriches our lives with His gifts. These bear fruit and these gifts and fruits are shown in the lives of the community and in our families.  We first received the Spirit in Baptism. Those of us who are already confirmed have received a confirmation of the Spirit.  Every Pentecost we can again invite the Spirit into our lives and renew ourselves with His gifts and fruits.


  • Spend some time together to reflect, discuss and share what gifts and fruits you see in each other.
  • Let each choose the gifts and fruits they believe they need for their own lives and pray together that the Holy Spirit will bless each member with what they have asked.
  • As an activity – possibly with smaller children – talk about the meaning of the different gifts and fruits, make a poster of the picture and colour it in.
  • Have the individual gifts and fruits written on separate cards let each member choose what they believe they need most, or give them out at random.

FAMILY PRAYER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT   (each member could be mentioned by name )

Creator God, renew your Spirit  living in each of us. Grant us (or name…….)  the gifts and fruits needed to build up ourselves, our own family, the family of the Church, the world and the whole family of creation.  We ask this in the name of Jesus.     Amen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     MARFAM