Imaginative reflection is placing oneself inside the story as an observer or participant and becoming especially conscious of the experience of Jesus, giving full rein to our imagination. With this method we follow Jesus and get to know and understand him in our hearts and through our feelings. The Holy Week reflections below use this method and follow Jesus with and through the angels, his constant companions.  

Holy Week Introduction.   Read, reflect, share, pray. 

There was always an army of angels surrounding the Son of God.  After all they were his angels, messengers from God to mankind, but also to give glory, worship and praise to God.

On a human level Jesus felt their presence, a warmth, a protective field. He could hardly be expected to remember Gabriel who had appeared to his mother, or the angel who had spoken with Joseph, or the host who accompanied the shepherds at his birth. However, there were times when they’d had an opportunity to be very real to him. At the start of his public ministry, when searching for direction, he was tempted by Satan, the fallen angel, to choose the easier, miracle-worker route, or the popular hero one, but he resisted these temptations and his angels came and ministered to him. 

The time came when the whole heavenly host knew that Jesus’ time on earth was nearing an end and that the days ahead would be a time of severe trial and suffering, and legions of angels were at hand, watching and waiting, filled with love and awe for the great sacrifice God would make for His creatures.   Read from the Passion narratives in each of the gospels.


Angels naturally love processions, so they were there in full force flanking the palm-waving crowd, with Jesus humbly mounted on a donkey, as they made their way towards Jerusalem. They rejoiced at his public acceptance but noted the disapproving eyes of the Pharisees.  Choirs of angels enthusiastically joined in the praise-singing,  “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord!  Hosanna in the highest heavens!”   Read, reflect, share, pray.   Read the account in any of the gospels or. Matt 21:1-11.    Make palm crosses and display at home. Cover crucifixes with purple.