August 30th.    “What do we really mean by demons?   Are they evil spiritual creatures that take over or possess people and make them do evil things also often to do with sexuality?  Is it connected with Satanism? Some people would see certain conditions of mental illness as possession.  Other people see demons more figuratively, as the intention to do evil or harm someone that comes from deep inside us.”  The group considered all these thoughts and agreed there was some truth in all them.  Martin summed up, “There are expert theologians, but a key factor is that such evil thoughts or actions are not from God or of God.  We know that we humans have inherited an inclination to sin. 

 Jesus rebuked the spirit of the unclean demon saying, “be silent and come out of him.”  From Luke 4:31-37.  Pope Francis: God himself created sexuality, which is a marvelous gift to his creatures.  St John Paul II rejected the claim that the Church’s teaching is a negation of the value of human sexuality or that the Church simply tolerates sexuality because it is necessary for procreation.  Sexual desire is not something to be looked down upon and there can be no attempt whatsoever to call into question its necessity. AL 150.  Some currents of spirituality teach that desire has to be eliminated as a path to liberation from pain.   Yet we believe that God loves the enjoyment felt by human beings: he created us and richly furnishes us with everything to enjoy. AL 149