April 5. A fiery serpent. Moses made a bronze serpent and set it up as a sign.   Kuan did some research on the fascinating story from the Old Testament of Moses and the bronze serpent and its connection with the symbol for medicine. He shared, “During their time in the desert, because the people disobeyed God once again, their punishment was a plague of fiery serpents. When Moses pleaded with God he was told to make a bronze serpent and raise it up on a pole for people to look at and be healed.  It was to be a sign of God’s healing power.  In the gospel Jesus also refers to himself being raised up. I find it interesting that this medical symbol has such a long history.”

Reflect, share and act. Scripture:  So Moses made a bronze serpent and set it up as a sign and if a serpent bit any man he would look at it and live. Numbers 21:9.    Read more about the rod at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rod_of_Asclepius2.svg  Pope Francis:  Each creature has its own purpose.  None is superfluous.  The entire material universe speaks of God’s love. LS84.   MRM Charter of Positive Values 6. We dedicate ourselves to ensure harmony, culture, belief and conscience to inspire and sustain the values of the Charter.  Choose an act of love and sacrifice from the list, published at www.marfam.org.za/lent