June 17.  “This way of praying is becoming one of my pet hates,” Georgina declared, “empty phrases, words that have lost their meaning.  We seem to just babble on.  I think we’ve fallen into the same trap that Jesus warned us about.  It does confuse me but when some of my friends from the Pentecostal church pray they seem to talk about real things.” “I have discovered that if I slow down and think about the phrases they’re not nearly as empty as all that, and I can apply them to my situation.  But the one about forgiving others is one that catches me every time I do think about it.”

When you pray do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, for they think they will be heard for their many words.”  Say ‘Our Father……..  Matthew 6:7-15. 

Pope Francis: A few minutes can be found each day to come together before the living God, to tell him our worries, to ask for the needs of our family, to pray for someone experiencing difficulties, to ask for help in showing love, to give thanks for life and its blessings and ask Our Lady to protect us beneath her maternal mantle.  AL 318  No matter how much you live the experience of these years of your youth, you will never know their deepest and fullest meaning unless you encounter each day your best friend, the friend who is Jesus CV 150