26th November. Sunday. Christ the King. There are many parishes dedicated to Christ the King, but at St Damian’s Fr Teddy had put a crown on the figure on the cross for all to see.  He spoke of kings and queens, princes and princesses  who hold a rather confusing place in society today.  “We admire them for their status but many of us don’t really want them to rule over us.  We prefer democratically elected leaders.  Even Jesus hardly presented an admirable kingly figure as he stood before Pilate, but yet he embodied true kingly qualities of giving his life for his people.  At his 2nd coming he will be the universal king of all who are on the side of truth and listen to his voice. ‘Will you be among his subjects?  Will you be among the sheep or goats?’

Reflect, share, Scripture.   When the son of man comes, before him will be gathered all the nations and he will separate them one from another as a shepherd separates sheep from the goats.  Read Matthew 25:31-46.  Pope FrancisThe New Testament does not only tell us of the earthly Jesus, It also shows him risen and glorious, present throughout creation by his universal Lordship. Our gaze is directed to the end of time, when the Son will deliver all things to the Father so that God may be everything to everyone, LS 100. Action and prayer:  Remember in prayer the needs of those we have loved and lost as we reflect on eternal life. 16 days