March 12. “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”  Nicholas came up with some awkward questions.  “Should prisoners have rights, or soldiers on each side in a war?  Do rights only apply to good people, or also to those who have done something wrong, or if we disagree with someone?  I think that can be difficult in a family too.  After all rights come from being created in the image of God, which we all are.” Mrs Meyer thought to herself of her son and others, even priests, in prison for sexually abusing a child. She found it hard to forgive her son for the abuse and thinking about the family of the child made her wonder even more how they could be forgiving.            Reflect, share and act. Scripture: “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”  Matthew 5:44. From the SACBC to the Clergy, Religious and Faithful,   December 2016.  Brothers and Sisters, Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, called on the universal Church to fast and pray for the healing and consolation of those who have been sexually abused, especially women, children and vulnerable people. We, your Bishops, acknowledge our failures at times in adequately dealing with issues especially within our own church structures. We want to work with all structures in society and especially our priests, church personnel and church workers in creating a safe environment for children and vulnerable people. We ask forgiveness for ourselves and for our clergy.  Archbishop Brislin. 

UKRAINE WAR. Pope Francis has repeatedly launched appeals against the disheartening situation of war and violence amid the deepening crisis in Ukraine. “War is madness”, he says. “Put down your weapons!” Stressing that “those who wage war forget humanity” he laments how sad it is when people think about waging war against each other.

SA Youth Responsibilities Bill 2: The right to dignity places on me the responsibility to treat people with reverence, respect and dignity.  Choose an act of love and sacrifice from the list, also published at