August 12.   Money. Everyone discussed the issue of money and its many implications for causing or dealing with conflict and distress in the area of sexuality.  Giving money instead of love is only too common in families where parents cannot find time.  In cases of abuse money may be paid to ensure silence.  Sugar-daddies or “blessers” give money for luxuries to teenagers, mostly girls, in exchange for sex.  “I find that term really offensive” Jane said “This is really a form of prostitution.”  In cases of extreme poverty women and girls may resort to selling their bodies. Even parents sometimes sell their own children and women become surrogate mothers for financial reward. Trafficking of girls is an increasing problem, Girls may be abducted or unwittingly lured into the situation.   

The Kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who wished to settle accounts.  One was brought to him who could not pay.  The servant fell on his knees imploring him, “Lord have patience with me.”   From Matt 18:21 –  

Pope Francis. Migration, extreme poverty and other situation of family breakdown sometimes lead families to sell their children for prostitution or organ trafficking.   AL 46.