July 6.   St. Maria Goretti.  Mama Brigitte liked to tell the story to her children’s group, of 12 year-old Maria who lived in Italy in the 19th century. She had been taught to love God and follow his ways.  When a young man, a tenant in their house, tried to rape her she resisted and was killed by him.  Her killer was converted after many years in jail and was present when the Church canonised Maria. She was declared a model for young girls and for boys too. The elderly members of the BBT group agreed that their teenagers need their support and their prayers as they face temptation.  In the past there were times when children were killed and sacrificed to the gods.  We are horrified at that, but today how  horrified are we when children are abused and killed?  Do we take enough action to avoid this? Human life is sacred. 

Read the story of how God asked Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son in Genesis 22: 1-19.   “Take your son, your only begotten son Isaac whom you love and go to the land of Moriah and offer him there as a burnt offering.  Gen22:1. 

Pope Francis. The sexual abuse of children is all the more scandalous when it occurs in places where they ought to be most safe, particularly in families, schools, communities and Christian institutions.   AL45.