Lord, help us see the wounds and find hope. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, having poured oil and wine on them (Lk 10:34)

The Church in Burkina Fasso who prepared reflections for this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is under attack from the military. Agenzia Fides reports :  A total of 21 people in a courtyard in Moualoungou village and 130 people in Tambi Bounima village, pregnant women, men, children and passers-by, were executed without cause by the military convoy that set off. https://www.fides.org/en/news/74988-AFRICA_BURKINA_FASO_When_the_death_of_the_poor_does_not_appear_in_the_news

Reflection. The Good Samaritan did what he could for the injured man out of his own resources: he poured wine and oil and bandaged the man’s wounds and put him on his own animal. He went further still by promising to pay for his care. When we see the world through the Samaritan’s eyes, or we see through a parent’s eyes, every situation can be an opportunity to help those in need.  This is where love manifested itself and motivates us to ask ourselves how we have responded to our suffering neighbour, be it a fellow Christian or not, and whatever element it is of creation, human, animal or plant.

The brokenness of our world shows itself in insecurity, fear, distrust and division, in violence even death.  As Christians we speak of and have rituals of healing and reconciliation, we use oil and wine and yet the wounds in the Body of Christ persist.  Recognising the need for healing can begin as parents and families in our homes, spread throughout our Christian churches and with those of other believers, leading to healing of the nations and the world.

Prayer for Unity, Families and Life. Gracious God, You who are the source of all love and goodness: enable us families, to see the needs of our neighbours. Show us what we can do to bring about healing. Change us, so that we can love all our brothers and sisters. Help us to overcome the obstacles of division and neglect that we might build a world of peace for the common good. Thank you for renewing your Creation and leading us to a future which is full of hope: you who are Lord of all, yesterday, today and forever. Amen.