June 2.  Sarah was a pretty but shy 15 yearold.  She had few friends and usually kept to herself. Trying to become more friendly she decided to attend a class party. Little did she know what was in store for her.  Her drink was spiked with a drug and she completely lost all knowledge of what happened next.  It was only at school the next week that she discovered that some boys had taken her and photographed her naked body in all kinds of obscene positions and were circulating these. Of course she was absolutely horrified.  The only blessing was that she had not been raped.  She couldn’t confide in anyone at school, didn’t have any siblings to talk to, but went home in a state of panic and even contemplated committing suicide.  Fortunately her mom came home and was able to extract the story, comfort her and take the necessary steps to report the case and obtain counselling for the distraught girl.  

When Sarah had gone up to her father’s upper room, she intended to hang herself.  But she thought it over and said,  “Never shall they reproach my father, saying to him.  “You only had one beloved daughter but she hanged herself because of her distress.” Read Tobit  Chapter 3.  

Pope Francis : From Prayer in Union with Creation in Laudato Si. .  “O Lord seize us with your power and light, help us to protect all life, to prepare for a better future, for the coming of your Kingdom of justice, peace, love and beauty.  Praise be to you!  Amen.