May 28.   “How does one become a saint?” Christopher asked. “let me first ask what kind of saint,” his dad replied. “The ones we pray to.”  “No, first of all we pray to God, through the saints, but only a few famous, good and deserving people are formally recognized. There are millions and millions of And other men and women who we ourselves recognize. Like your grandfather, who was someone I really admired because he always stood up for justice and truth and was also a kind and generous person. Your grandmother too was always at his side. Their “memorial” is close to my heart as you have heard me say before.”

 Let us now praise famous men and our fathers in their generations.  There are some who have no memorial, who have perished as though they had not lived and be born, and so have their children after them.   But those who were men of mercy and whose righteous deeds have not been forgotten will have their prosperity remaining with their descendants and their children’s children.  

Pope Francis: Often is it grandparents who ensure that the most important values are passed down to their grandchildren. Their words, their affection or simply their presence help children to realise that history does not begin with themselves but that they are part of an age old pilgrimage and that they need to respect those who came before them.  They are the family’s living memory.  AL192.  Mary friend of the aged, pray for us.