May 13.   Brigitte was delighted to get a job in the International Relations department.  The work was interesting and she realised that she would have to travel quite a lot. “That’s no problem,” she told her husband Percy, “my mom can come and live with us. She can look after the kids.”  After some time the marriage started to show signs of strain. He said, “This ‘little while here’ and then a ‘little while away’, isn’t good for me, you or for the kids. We might have more money, but we have much less of you. We’ll have to try harder to create stability in this way of life because none of us really knows where we stand.  Let us pray to Our Lady of Fatima to help us discern the best way for us.” 

Jesus said, “a little while and you will see me no more, again a little while and you will see me.”  The disciples asked, “What does this mean?”  John 16:16-20   Pope Francis:  What is most important in bringing up children is the ability lovingly to help them grow in freedom, maturity, overall discipline and real autonomy.  AL 261.   Mary, who appeared to the children in Fatima, pray for the children and their parents in our family.