May 6.  Jack shared, “I was reading a book about the history of our religions and was shocked to read how much fighting happened over the centuries between believers of different faiths. Jews seem to be the ones that suffered most of the persecutions and thousands were killed by pagans, Christians and Muslims. Many have been killed because we Christians blamed them for the crucifixion of Jesus.  I’m pleased that Pope Francis is making a big effort towards reconciliation, because I have Jewish, Muslim and others belonging to many different churches in my class at school and why couldn’t we all be friends?  Merryl said, “I still wouldn’t like you to marry a Muslim girl one day.”              

Peter rose and said “Brethen you know that in the early days God chose that by my mouth the Gentiles should hear the word of the gospel and believe.   And God who knows the heart bore witness to them, giving them the Holy Spirit just as he did to us, and he made no distinction between us and them but cleansed their hearts by faith.   Acts15:7-21 

Pope Francis: A journey of peace is possible between religions. Its point of departure must be God’s way of seeing things.  God’s love is the same for everyone, regardless of religion. We believers need to find occasions to speak with one another and to act together for the common good.   FT281-2.   Mary, friend of the friends of God, pray for us