March 23.   Kuan did research on the interesting story from the old Testament of Moses and the bronze serpent.   He checked out its connection with the symbol for medicine which is the rod with a snake, related also to the ancient Greek symbol, the rod of Asclepius. He explained, “There is probably a common history. During their time in the desert, because the people disobeyed God again, their punishment was a plague of fiery serpents.   When Moses again pleaded with God he was told to make a bronze serpent and raise it up on a pole. When they looked at it they would be healed.“  “So in the gospel where Jesus talks about being raised up is he referring to this story?”  George asked. 

“At this time of Covid-19 are we sufficiently aware that God remains the true healer although he uses the various elements and people of his creation. There is an interesting story told about St Francis who suffered from a very painful eye condition. One treatment to which he submitted required the painful use of fire. Francis addressed Brother Fire and asked it not to hurt him too much, which reportedly it did not. 

Scripture. So Moses made a bronze serpent and set it up as a sign and if a serpent bit any man he would look at it and live. Numbers 21:9. 

Pope Francis: There is a risk that a single scientific advance will be seen as the only possible lens for viewing a particular aspect of life, society and the world.  Researchers who are expert in their own field yet also familiar with the findings of other sciences are in a position to discern and become open to a more comprehensive and integral knowledge.  FT204.   

Reflect, share, act, pray.  Consider your attitudes and beliefs about God’s healing power.