January 13.  When Kathy and David married they had no choice but to live with his parents, as they could not afford a home of their own. Kathy was a quiet person and found her relationship with her mother-in-law difficult. The older woman often criticized her, saying Kathy was lazy, but at the same time the mother-in-law would take over even the tasks she gave to her daughter-in-law. Kathy complained to David but he didn’t know what to do to support his wife. Kathy decided to call in her family too.  “We’ve got to start over here, she said, otherwise our marriage will die.” 

Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick with a fever and immediately they told Jesus and he came and took her by the hand and lifted her up and the fever left her and she served them. Mark 1:29-39.

Pope Francis:   We cannot forget that the larger family includes in-laws and all the relatives. A delicate aspect of love is learning not to view these relatives as competitors, threats or intruders. Caring for one another, respect for their traditions and customs, cherishing them while maintaining the legitimate privacy and independence of the couples is necessary. AL198. Reflect and share.