June 9.   10th Sunday of Ordinary Time.    Fr Joseph spoke directly to the families.   “Most of you have made your 1st communion and some of young people have been confirmed and showed real commitment to your faith. I know many of you prayed together in your families and some also took on faith sharing and “family night” as the parent group had suggested.   Paul told me how that had brought his family closer.  I hardly see Teresa these days, but when I bumped into her she told me how she had become unhappy and left home. She had become very closely involved with another church group. “We’re like a family,” she told me. On the one hand I felt sad for her own family but on the other hand I could see that she was happy and spiritually fulfilled.  It is really quite a complex issue.  What do you families think and could you discuss this at home?”  

Reflect, share, scripture:  Jesus said, here are my mother and my brothers.  Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother. Mark 3:20-35.  Pope Francis:  Parents have a serious responsibility for children’s education.   Children are called to accept and practice the commandment, “Honour your father and your mother. AL 17.   However, children are not the property of a family but have their own lives to lead.  AL 18. ACTION AND PRAYER. Consider as families how best to keep the faith alive and growing.