February 22. Laurenda was the one who opened the sharing. “When you think about it, leaders and rulers have rights but we call them duties and responsibilities, saying they should do what they are supposed to do to rule with honesty and integrity. At the same time there are also always jealous people scheming and plotting against good leaders and others buying favours and bribing bad leaders for personal gain. Ethical leadership is more than empty words.

Reflect, share, Scripture:  Queen Esther seized with deathly anxiety fled to the Lord. Save us from the hand of our enemies. Read From Esther 14. Jesus said, “Ask and you will receive.” Mat 7:7. Pope Francis. Ethics has come to be viewed with a certain scornful derision. It is seen as counterproductive, too human. It is felt to be a threat since it condemns the manipulation and debasement of the person.  EG 56. Politicians are doers, builders with ambitious goals, possessed of a broad, realistic and pragmatic gaze that looks beyond their own borders.  Their biggest concern should not be about a drop in the polls, but about finding effective solutions to the phenomenon of social and economic exclusion: human trafficking, the sexual exploitation of boys and girls, slave labour, the drug and weapons trade, terrorism and international organized crime.   We must avoid every temptation to fall into a declarationist nominalism that would assuage our consciences  We need to ensure that our institutions are truly effective in the struggle against all these scourges. FT 188 Pray  one of the Lenten prayers.:: for the leaders of the world, where many countries are preparing for elections.   Pray for free and fair elections everywhere that leaders will respond to the urgent needs of climate change and the greater world of all families.  Choose appropriate action. LSAP Goals 3 AND  5