January 6. May and Paul Ceruti had been in business together for some years and the company had grown nicely although times had been tough too, especially during the Covid years.  As they looked back and ahead they thought about temptations to corruption they did face and still would have to face in the battle to survive.  As an “ubuntu for truth” pledge for committed Christians they decided to join a spiritual business breakfast group and invite colleagues to join in if they wished. 

Reflect, share. Scripture Who is it that overcomes the world but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?   1 John 5:5. Pope Francis.   In the present condition of global society, where injustices abound and growing numbers of people are deprived of basic human rights and considered expendable, the principle of the common good immediately becomes logically and inevitably a summons to solidarity and a preferential option for the poorest of our brothers and sisters. LS 157.   Pray:  for honesty and integrity in our country as we prepare for new elections. Choose appropriate action.