September 17. Sunday 24A.  Fr Joseph reminded the congregation that there are lots of aspects to reconciliation and forgiveness.  “What are the most famous family feuds in history, or clan or tribal feuds?  Isn’t that how wars have been started?  In Biblical times King David’s family were constantly at war with each other.  I only learned “white history” at school and I am not too familiar with the history of my own people but I know that family feuds happened. The famous King Shaka was assassinated by some of his half-brothers.  At all levels making peace is difficult, but it is good to learn about forgiveness and making peace at home. If there is constant conflict at home how can family members learn about reconciliation, forgiveness and peace? Those are all parts of the process in which we are expected to go beyond what is required.” 

Reflect, share, act. Scripture:    Peter came up and said to Jesus, “Lord how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him?  As many as seven times?”   Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times but seventy times seven.”  Matthew 18: 21- 35.  Pope Francis. When people become self-centred and self-enclosed, their greed increases. The emptier a person’s heart is, the more he or she needs things to buy, own and consume. It becomes almost impossible to accept the limits imposed by reality. A genuine sense of the common good also disappears. Yet all is not lost.  Human beings while capable of the worst are also capable of rising above themselves. AL 205.  Eco-tip and prayer:  Reflect on and discuss areas of conflict within our immediate families and especially within local communities and political groupings. How can peaceful protest rather than violence be promoted? Pray the Glory be to the Father…………..