July 8. Favouritism. Mama Agnes had always done her best to avoid favouritism with her own children and was aware that it should be so with the grandchildren too. “Is there division or favouritism in our family” she would ask “or do the children see it as that? Is the mother or father the controlling one, or are they seen to work in unison with one another? Just look at the story of Isaac and Rebecca and their sons in parts of Genesis chapters 25 – 27 where mother and father each seemed to favour a different child. Some biblical scholars do condemn Rebecca’s deceitful act.  We also see that God can work out his plan of salvation in any circumstances.  

Reflect, share, act. Scripture:   Rebecca had been listening while Isaac was speaking to his son Esau. So when Esau went out Rebecca said to her son Jacob. “Listen I overheard your father talk to you brother Esau. Do what I tell you.” From Gen 27: 1 – 40.  Pope Francis. Parents (and parent figures) influence the moral development of their children for better or for worse.  They should take up this essential role and carry it out consciously, enthusiastically, reasonably and appropriately.  AL 259. Technology tends to absorb everything, and those who are surrounded with it know full well that it moves forward neither for profit nor for the wellbeing of the human race but power is its motive.  LS 108