May 14.  MOTHERS DAY.  6th Sunday of Easter A.    Fr Fidelis started by saying, “I almost don’t need to preach a sermon about mothers and motherhood. Just using the words of Jesus today is an examination of conscience and a test to see how deep our faith is.    ‘If you love me you will keep my commandments. And I will ask the Father and he will give you another counsellor, to be with you for ever.’  But I would like you all, mothers included, to do an exercise .   What commandment do you find most difficult to keep but still do so, just out of love for Jesus?  Please feel free to share, especially with one another at home.” 

Reflect, share, act. Scripture.   If you love me you will keep my commandments.  She who loves me will be loved by my Father and I will love her and manifest myself to her. John 14:15-20.  Pope Francis: With great affection I urge all mothers : keep happy and let nothing rob your of the interior joy of motherhood.  Your child deserves your happiness. AL 171. Social love is the key to authentic development. In order to make society more human, more worthy of the human person, love in social life- political, economic and cultural – must be gain renewed value, becoming the constant and highest norm for all activity.   LS231  


If I live in a house of spotless beauty with everything in its place

But have not love, I am a housekeeper – not a homemaker.

If I have time for waxing, polishing and decorative achievements,

But have not love, my children learn cleanliness – not godliness.

Love leaves the dust in search of a child’s laugh

Love smiles at the tiny fingerprints on a newly-cleaned window

Love wipes away the tears before it wipes up the spilled milk

Love picks up the child before it picks up the toys.

Love is present through the trials,

Love reprimands, reproves and is responsive

Love crawls with the baby, walks with the toddler, runs with the child,

Then stands aside to let the youth walk into adulthood.

Love is the key that opens salvation’s message to a child’s heart.

Before I became a mother I took glory in my house of perfection.

Now I glory in God’s perfection of my child.

As a mother, there is much I must teach my child

But the greatest of all is love.


Lord God, thank you for the gift of motherhood and especially for our own mothers.  Bless them and all

mothers on their special day in their families with all good things, especially health, joy, love and laughter. 

Keep them in your care and protect them from all that is harmful.

We invite Mary, the mother of Jesus and our mother to care for our families as she cared for the Holy Family as we say her special prayer:   Hail Mary………… .