May 4.  “Do children today really carry out what their parents tell them to do? Do they or should they?” “Are parents good examples?  So many children don’t have a father in the home and not all father-figures are good examples.“ ”Mothers may be closer but they are also sometimes more interested in their careers or jobs and leave the children to a carer or granny.”  But it remains the parents’ responsibility.  Children, as they grow and become teens may lose respect and quite often disobey their parents.”    

Reflect, share, act. Scripture.  Jesus said, “I know whom I have chosen, and then he quoted scripture, “He who ate my bread has lifted his heel against me.” John 13:16-20.  Pope Francis.   It is essential to help children and adolescents to realise that misbehaviour has consequences.   They need to be encouraged to put themselves in other people’s shoes and to acknowledge the hurt they have caused.  Correction is an incentive. Whenever children’s efforts are appreciated and acknowledged they sense their parent’s constant, patient trust.   AL 268-9  Pray. Mary, Mother of the family pray for us.