April 29.  Death in the family is a reality for everyone.  It is always sad when older persons pass on,  but when a parent of a younger family is taken ill and dies it is more traumatic.  The death of a child, especially through suicide, can be particularly traumatic.  Zola, a psychologist and one of the parish family leaders listened to the group sharing of their experiences.  Later she offered her professional experience to those dealing with some of the difficult losses. “Miracles, like bringing someone back to life don’t happen any more. We so often wish they did, isn’t that so?” she asked. “Dealing with death is a painful and difficult process which takes its own time but needs loving support along the way.

Scripture: Peter put all the widows outside and knelt down and prayed: then turning to Dorcas’ body he said, “Tabitha rise.” And she opened her eyes and when she saw Peter she sat up.  And he gave her his hand and lifted her up.  Acts 9: 42  Pope Francis: At times family life is challenged by the death of a loved one.  We cannot fail to offer the light of faith as a support to families.  To turn our back on a grieving family would show a lack of mercy and mean the loss of a pastoral opportunity and efforts at evangelisation.  AL 253.  Reflect, share and act, pray.   Are there any widowed people that need our support?