February 3. St Blaise.  This saint is said to have cured a young boy choking on a fishbone. From that a tradition grew up of the blessing of throats particularly of those suffering from diseases of the chest and lungs. Diphtheria and TB were life-threatening diseases in their day as TB, HIV/AIDS and COVID-19  were in their time. Blessings and prayers about certain conditions remind us of God’s care and concern for us in sickness. We do our part by protecting ourselves and other creatures as best we can and trust in God for the rest. 

Scripture. “Suffering and illness have always been among the greatest problems.  Christians feel and experience pain like all other people. Part of the plan laid out by God’s providence is that we should fight  against sickness and carefully seek the blessings of good health, so that we may fulfil our role in human society and in the Church” Catechism 1622  Pope Francis: Jesus is the physician who heals with the medicine of love, for he takes upon himself our suffering and redeems it.  We know that God can understand our infirmities, because he himself has personally experienced them. 2016 Jubilee of sick and suffering.  Reflect, share, act and pray.