November 23rd.  Bryan was hosting a discussion evening, on the subject,  “ Loss of possessions, the need to remain faithful.”     We live in very troubled times in different parts of the world.  Many people in war zones lose everything. Some are killed indiscriminately and others are killed for their beliefs, especially where some are Muslims and some Christians.  Some nations fight within and amongst themselves. However, this has been happening again and again for many centuries and we know there are millions of martyrs who did not or were not able to resist outwardly rejecting their faith. We still have to believe in life after death also for their sakes.

Scripture: You will be delivered up even by parents and brothers and kinsmen and friends and some of you they will put to death, for my name’s sake, but not a hair of your head will perish.  By your endurance you will gain your lives.  Luke 21: 12-19.   

Pope Francis:  Growing interdependence and globalisation mean that any response to the threat of nuclear weapons should be collective and concerted, based on mutual trust. This trust can be built only through dialogue that is truly directed to the common good and not to the protection of veiled or particular interests.   With the money spent on weapons let us establish a global fund that can finally put an end to hunger and favour development in the most impoverished countries.   FT 262