November 13th. 33rd Sunday of the Year C.  6th World Day of the Poor. Fr Pius highlighted the theme of the day and referred also to the challenges of daily family life and the COP 27 climate conference being held at this time.  He began by saying, “Pope Francis so often chooses wisely in commemorating these special days.” 

Scripture:For your sakes Christ became poor (cf. 2 Cor 8:9)”  Pope Francis: The words of the Apostle chosen as the theme of this year’s World Day of the Poor present this great paradox of our life of faith: Christ’s poverty makes us rich.  Paul was able to present this teaching, which the Church has spread and borne witness to over the centuries, because God himself, in his son Jesus, chose to follow this path.  Because Christ became poor for our sakes, our own lives are illumined and transformed, and take on a worth that the world does not appreciate and cannot bestow.   Jesus’ treasure is his love which excludes no one and seeks out everyone, especially the marginalised and those deprived of the necessities of life.   Out of love, he stripped himself of glory and took on our human condition.  Out of love, he became a servant, obedient to the point of accepting death, death on a cross.   Out of love he became the bread of life so that all might have what they need and find nourishment for eternal life. Just as it was difficult for the Lord’s disciples to accept this teaching so it is for us today.  Yet Jesus’ words are clear: if we want life to triumph over death and dignity to be redeemed from injustice we need to follow Christ’s path of poverty, sharing our lives out of love, breaking the bread of our daily existence with our brothers and sisters, beginning with the least of them, those who lack the very essentials of life.   This is the way to create equality, to free the poor from their misery and the rich from their vanity and both from despair. From 6th World Day of the Poor.