October 22.   At a community gathering of the two parishes, the suburban and inner-city, the subject of elections came up.  “How much of a ‘give them another chance’ mentality comes into the outcome I wonder?” “At what stage does decisive action or the need for change really make people sit up and take notice?”  “But even at home, don’t we have the attitude of, ‘it’s always been done like that’, even though there is pressure usually from younger ones to make changes?”  “I don’t agree. We young people have many things we want to see changed and push for that.  Like school rules about hair!!”  

Scripture: “Cut it down, why should it use up the ground. Let it alone this year till I dig and put on manure.  If it bears fruit next year, well and good. If not you can cut it down.” Luke 13:1-9.   Pope Francis:   The existence of laws and regulations is insufficient in the long run to curb bad conduct, even when means of enforcement are present. If the laws are to bring significant, long-lasting effect the majority of the members of society must be adequately motivated to accept them and personally transformed to respond.  Sound virtues will enable people to make a selfless ecological commitment.  LS 211