August 19th .   Although the discussions in the group were not intended to be only religious the topic of religion did often come in to them.  Many biblical sayings have been proverbs or norms in society.   The commandment  “Love your neighbour as you love yourself” and its two parts is taken very seriously today.  There seems to be great emphasis on self-esteem and one’s own healthy self-image.  At the same time balance in a couple relationship is also very necessary.   Maysie said she didn’t want to be anyone’s doormat and that has happened too frequently in the past.  Joel stated,  “I think women are getting to be too overbearing nowadays.   We men just can’t handle that.”  Portia added, “We really need to teach our kids constantly to keep that balance.”  

You shall love your neighbour as yourself.  Matt 22:39. Pope Francis:   The ideal of marriage cannot be seen purely as generous donation and self-sacrifice, where each spouse renounces all personal needs and seeks only the other’s good without concern for personal satisfaction.  We need to remember that authentic love also needs to be able to receive the other, to accept one’s own vulnerability and needs and to welcome with sincere and joyful gratitude the physical expression of love. AL157   The Bible makes it clear that generously serving others is far more noble than loving ourselves.  Loving ourselves is only important as a psychological prerequisite for being able to love others.  AL 101.