August 2nd. Unfaithfulness.  The group quickly started picking up issues themselves that sometimes needed to be teased out. “A front page article in the Times newspaper reports on a disgraced politician, charges of corruption as well as various love relationships. Was the disgrace because of the love relationship or the corruption?”  “Wasn’t another trade union leader disgraced because of a love relationship too?” “But wasn’t that hypocritical as these things happen all the time.?” “How destructive are these kinds of relationships in the end, for the persons and their families involved too.  Such relationships maybe common but are they acceptable?” 

There is no medicine for your wound, no healing, all your lovers have forgotten you. For I have dealt you the blow of an enemy , the punishment of a merciless foe, because your guilt is great, because your sins are flagrant.”  Jer 30: 12-15.   Pope Francis:  We treat affective relationships the way we treat material objects and the environment: everything is disposable.   It is easy to confuse genuine freedom with the idea that each individual can act arbitrarily, as if there were no truths, values and principles to provide guidance, and everything were possible and permissible.    The ideal of marriage marked by a commitment to exclusivity and stability is swept aside whenever it proves inconvenient or tiresome. AL39