July 5th.   Pauline shared, “When we were young sex and sexuality were not something we talked about, or even felt comfortable with. Some people considered it sinful.  I remember feeling almost excited when around the time of Vatican II we heard that sex is good.  Marriage Encounter and later on Theology of the Body helped us to deepen that understanding.“  The members of the groups added their views.  “There is too much promiscuity these days and purity and chastity have gone out the window. Our children – male and female – have relationships with other partners.  The younger kids are also into sex much too early and in schools these days they talk casually about LGBTQI  as normal.”  “I do recognise and accept that some men and women are attracted to someone of the same sex.”  “Sexuality education is important.  The way we were brought up these matters were explained at an appropriate time by one of our elders, but that hardly happens these days. Now our kids can probably teach us a few things.” “And yet there is a deeper honesty about sexuality as well.”

Scripture:   How long will it be till they are pure in Israel?  From Hosea 8:4-13. Pope Francis:     In no way can we consider the erotic dimension of love simply as a permissible evil or burden to be tolerated for the good of the family.  As a passion and love respectful of the dignity of the other, it becomes a “pure, unadulterated affirmation.”  AL152.