For a fuller introduction to MAY THOUGHTS with the theme PARENTS FORM FAMILIES go to May 1.   Sunday Easter 3C.   Fr Peter told the congregation, “Like all the stories in the gospels there are so many messages, but let’s pick up just two from today’s gospel that paint a wonderful picture for our imagination.  After the resurrection the apostles were still lost and confused, so one thing they did was go back to their work, fishing for some, but that day they had little success.  Jesus arrived and, understanding this, encouraged them to cast their net out again, and this time they caught a large number, 153, big fish.  When they had come to the shore they found Jesus cooking breakfast for them, but still they felt unsure about him. Do we ever feel like that, how real is Jesus for us? 

The other reflection sees Jesus speaking to Peter. “Do you love me?” he asked, three times.  Peter gets annoyed, but Jesus may have been driving the point home that Peter denied him three times, and now he is called to confirm his love three times. Then Jesus says, “feed my lambs,” and again “feed my sheep.” For us, is it love of Jesus and for Jesus, that empowers us, as families, to care for our little lambs and our older sheep?”

Reflect, share, act,. Scripture.  Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.   Truly I say to you when you were young you fastened your own belt and walked where you would, but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands and another will fasten your belt and bring you where you do not wish to go.” John 21: 1-19. Pope Francis: In a family, parents, grandparents and children all feel at home, no one is excluded.  If someone has a problem even a serious one, even if he brought it upon himself the rest of the family comes to his assistance.  FT 230. “The experience of love in families is a perennial source of strength for the life of the Church”. (AL 88) Pray. Mary, mother most caring, concerned for all in need, pray for us.