April 27th. Liberty is directed above all to love and the common good.  The speaker began, ”What does freedom mean to you as an individual and a member of a family and community?  It can even mean different things at different times and in these different contexts.   On this holiday celebrating and commemorating the day in 1994 when the first fully democratic election was held in South Africa we do celebrate freedom and commemorate the new Constitution.  Freedom is precious. It was and always is hard-bought and should be greatly appreciated. But it is not for free. It was bought at a price and still costs for many people. We as families can consider the cost of freedom and let us discuss the history of the day with those too young to remember the past.” The packed hall applauded his speech.  Would they go and do more?   Reflect, share and act. Scripture It is truly right and just that we should give you thanks and praise O God, almighty Father for all you do in this world, through our Lord Jesus Christ.  For though the human race is divided by dissension and discord, yet we know that by testing us you change our hearts to prepare them for reconciliation.  Even more by your Spirit you move human hearts that enemies may speak to each other again, adversaries may join hands and peoples seek to meet together.  By the working of your power it comes about, O Lord, that hatred is overcome by love, revenge gives way to forgiveness and discord is changed to mutual respect.  Preface for Reconciliation. Pope Francis: Fraternity is born not only of a climate of respect for individual liberties or administrative equality. Fraternity calls for something greater. When it is not consciously cultivated and without political will and through dialogue and recognition of values of reciprocity, it becomes nothing more than living as we will, completely free to choose to whom or what we will belong. Liberty is directed above all to love and the common good. FT 103. What is most needed today is God’s saving love which precedes moral and religious obligations and be marked by joy, encouragement and balance. EG 165.