February  28.   Go sell what you have and give to the poor.  Patrick and Patience were a wealthy couple.They blessed God for their successful business plans, achieved through their hard work and no doubt some wise investments. As committed Catholics at the same time they felt sad that Jesus always seemed to condemn “the rich.” Together they addressed a Justice and Peace meeting saying, “Let us acknowledge that things are much more complicated in our day and we, as the Church in the home, need good economists, honest politicians with a well-formed spirituality. We should all focus on the common good to chart the path forward towards greater economic wellbeing for all the families in our country as well as the environment. We can call that economic ecology. ” As a result of this presentation a Catholic business forum study group was initiated.  Becoming an eco-friendly family:   Explore the importance of ecological economics and social charity.  

Go sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come follow me.  His countenance fell and he went away sorrowful for he had great possessions. Jesus said to his disciples, “How hard it will be for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God!”  MK 10:17-27.  Pope Francis:  Recognising that all people are our brothers and sisters and seeking forms of social friendship that include everyone demands a commitment to devise effective means to this end. Individuals can help others in need.  When they join together in initiating social processes of fraternity and justice for all they enter the field of charity, at its most vast, namely political charity, working for a social and political order whose soul is social charity. FT 180