September 20.  It was when they participated in a programme to enrich their marriage spiritually as well as practically that Pamela and John came to understand the deeper meaning of the Sacrament of Matrimony. The old definition of an outward sign of inward grace was broadened for them as they recognised the inward grace as God present, dwelling in them, ‘in the space between us,’ they liked to say. The outward sign was to be their responsibility, their vocation, making this presence visible to others. They shared on their 25th wedding anniversary, “that has never been an easy task for us, and at times we were on the point of giving up but with hindsight it has been a deeply rewarding challenge for us, and we both realised that we could contribute to society too through our professional and working life.”  

When the Lord brought back the exiles of Sion then the nations themselves said, “What great deeds the Lord worked for them!”  What great deeds the Lord worked for us!  Indeed we were glad.   Ps 126     

The Marriage vocation is given to a couple for the good of the Church and society. This has all the meaning and strength of a public commitment made before God and society that goes beyond individual limits.  PCF Prep 9.  The 2015 Synod Father highlighted the fact that evangelisation needs unambiguously to denounce cultural, social, political and economic factors – such as the excessive importance given to market logic – that prevent authentic family life and lead to discrimination, poverty and violence.   Dialogue and cooperation need to be fostered with societal structures and encouragement given to lay people who are involved as Christians in the cultural and socio-political fields.   AL 201

ECO-TIP AND PRAYER:  Witness to and lobby for Christian eco-values and social justice in the workplace.  Pray for honesty and integrity in political leaders as they consider the necessary action to combat climate change effects.