August 31. HIV education and prevention remains an issue. LOVE MATTERS a lifestyle and sexuality programme for teenagers, presented at Bosco for more than 20 years, aims to encourage moral responsible sexual behaviour, with the chief emphasis on abstinence and faithfulness. Sex before or outside marriage under any circumstances, in a casual relationship, with a prostitute or an affair always brings with it the risk of infection but also, and often more importantly, causes serious harm through a loss of trust. Casual sex might be tolerated in certain cultures but is totally against the vision of a total, lifelong, committed love relationship that mirrors the faithfulness of Jesus.  What struck Maisie strongly after a retreat was that aspect of faithfulness to one another even in thought. “I didn’t consider that the way we think, and talk about each other to our friends, is also being unfaithful in a way,” she said. 

Let the husband render unto the wife due honour.” What sort of honour then is this, when you insult her in the chiefest things, and give up her body to harlots (for your body is hers); when you bring tumults and wars into your house, when you do in the market place such things, as being told by yourself to your wife at home, overwhelm her with shame, and put to shame also your daughter, if present, and more than them, surely, yourself? St John Chrysostom, Homily VII, Commentary on the gospel of Matthew.   

Pope Francis: “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”   1 Cor 13. Married couples joined by love speak well of each other; they try to show their spouse’s good side, not their weakness and faults. They see those weaknesses and faults in a wider context.  Love coexists with imperfection. It bears all things and can hold its peace before the limitations of the loved one.   AL113