March 10.  Stephen was a lawyer with a particular interest in family law and explained, “South African law is an application of the Constitution which is the highest law of the land and was developed after 1994 to reflect the will of the people.  “When you look at it like that, you can see that its laws are not necessarily built directly on God’s law, the 10 Commandments or the two great commandments, ‘Love God and Love your neighbour as yourself.’  Being a democratic country, some aspects of the laws derive from majority opinions, a vote in Parliament, a decision by Cabinet, or even from those with the loudest voice.

In 1997 abortion was legalized even though most citizens were against making the killing of unborn people freely available. Laws about adultery, divorce, same-sex unions, land, even legalizing dagga, would not necessarily be seen as morally just. Not all aspects of life are subject to legislation or binding regulations. Temporary regulations like banning of alcohol and cigarettes during the Covid-19 lock-down are frequently challenged as to their legality.” David asked, “And traffic fines and e-tolls?” 

Scripture. What great nation is there that has statutes and ordinances so righteous as all this law which I set before you this day.   Only take heed and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things which your eyes have seen, make them known to your children and your children’s children. Deut 4:1-9. 

Pope Francis. Families have a right to be able to count on an adequate family policy on the part of public authorities in the juridical, economic, social and fiscal domains. It is important to insist on the rights of the family and not only those of individuals.  At times families suffer terribly when faced with the illness of a loved one and they lack access to adequate health care, or struggle to find dignified employment. AL44. St Francis lived in simplicity and harmony with God, with others, nature and himself. He shows us just how inseparable the bond is between concern for nature, justice for the poor, commitment to society and interior peace. LS 10.  

Reflect, share, act, pray. What cause could we adopt, individually or as a family?  abortion, water, rhinos, family violence……?