January 22. How conscious were the OT writers about creation and the environment?  How conscious was Jesus? Did he have many personal friends and what kind of people did he choose?  We know little about the twelve closest men but they were a varied group. Were some of his disciples passionate about creation, animals and nature and the poor as St Francis was 1200 years later?  St Hildegard von Bingen, a mystic and a nun, from almost the same period, loved nature.  St Martin de Porres was a humble lay brother engaged in menial work in Peru and was also noted for being a friend of animals.  However, the current strong emphasis on climate, the environment and ecological conversion are a new feature of our time, resulting largely from human industrial activity in the last two centuries. 

Jesus went up on the mountain and called those whom he desired. He appointed twelve to be with him and to be sent out to preach and have authority to cast out demons.  Mark 3:13-19. 

Pope Francis:  each human being is an image of God but each creature has its own purpose.  The entire material universe speaks of God’s love. Soil, water, mountains all are as it were a caress of God. LS 84.  Reflect and share.